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Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) consist of a foam core (EPS) sandwiched by two engineered wood facings (OSB). SIPs are a high-performance building system for residential and commercial construction. SIPs are manufactured under factory controlled conditions and can be fabricated to fit nearly any building design. SIPs are the most airtight and well insulated building systems available. An airtight SIP building will use less energy to heat and cool, allow for better control over indoor environmental quality, and virtual eliminate construction waste.

About GeoFaze

Precision is our first priority at GeoFaze. We manufacture high quality R-Control SIPs that create airtight building envelopes, provide designers with increased flexibility, and allow for fast installation.

Our mission is to design for you a precise, simple and sustainable building envelope. We work closely with our owners, designers, and builders to ensure that your building is straighter, stronger, and more energy efficient.

Our SIPs are used in commercial and residential buildings. Their extraordinary strength makes them ideal for the increasingly severe weather our nation appears to be facing and along coastal areas where building codes are requiring ever more stringent strapping.

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    Design Center

    Our commitment to precision starts with our panel design. Before production, we produce a 3D model of your structure to ensure that your envelope will be strong and airtight.

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    Project Management

    From design to fabrication to delivery, our project managers are dedicated to providing our customers with precise information including detailed pricing and precise 3D models. Through technology we make sure you know exactly what to expect.

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    Quick Turnaround

    Your panels are formed and cut on our state of the art CNC machinery. Since panel designs can often be fabricated in less than 2 weeks from approval, your SIPs are not only precise, they are also timely.

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    Installation Guidance

    GeoFaze will work closely with you or your General Contractor to ensure an efficient installation process. We can either teach new installers to install our SIPs or introduce you to a seasoned pro. Either way, GeoFaze will be there to support.


SIP Consulting

GeoFaze is able to convert your stick designs into a stronger and tighter SIP envelope. We create a panel layout that will optimize your project.

Shop Drawings

GeoFaze will produce 3D models and shop drawings prior to manufacturing, ensuring precision installation.

Precision SIP Cutting

GeoFaze’s CNC Panel Saw precisely cuts panels to a tolerance of +-1/8″. Windows and doors are precisely placed.

Custom Electrical Chases

GeoFaze will provide 1 1/2″ diameter electrical chases inside the SIP, precisely where you need them.

Routing Services

GeoFaze routes all panels to precise depths and is able to prepare panels for installation.

Pre-Installation Services

GeoFaze will pre-install splines, blocking, and can pre-assemble walls before delivery to your site.


Mold, Mildew, and Termite protection

GeoFaze SIPs, when treated with the FrameGuard, are resistant to mold, mildew, and termite damage.

Precise planning improves every aspect of the building process. Fewer site-made decisions are made and weather impacts the construction process less. Construction times run faster, and afterwards, the health and comfort of those using our structures are dramatically improved.

- Trevor Huffard - President, GeoFaze

We Stack UP

SIPs install
Up To R-
SIPs have saved
BTUs vs. Stick

Unique Flexibilty

GeoFaze SIPs provide unique flexibility to achieve the goals of the most creative architects. GeoFaze worked closely with the architect, owner, engineer and builder to provide a comprehensive solution for this unique structure. Our custom CNC cut LVL splines within the SIPs provided the structure, allowing for the desired open, vaulted space inside.


Ease of Installation

Precisely cut panels makes for straight forward installation. Panels are raised into place, then plumbed, and finally secured and taped. #easySIP

STRONG and Flexible

Our SIPs have withstood 200pm tornadoes. Their strength and flexibility allow designers to achieve their goals without sacrificing structural integrity. #SIPdesigncenter

Energy Savings

Compared to conventional stick framing, our SIPs are over 50% more energy efficient. Our SIP system has been recognized by national energy certifications, including LEED.#SIPsavings

We Make Your Life Simple


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    Get Points

    Our SIPs enable you obtain important industry recognized certifications such as LEED and EnergyStar. Up to 28 points can be achieved in new commercial buildings and renovation projects, good for a LEED Silver rating. New homes can achieve up to 50.5 points, resulting in a LEED Platinum rating.

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    Our R-Control SIP system are tested in nationally recognized laboratories to show that we meet or exceed building codes and energy efficiency requirements. For 30 years, our SIPs have been the strongest, most reliable, and effective SIPs available anywhere.


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    We reduce framing time by over 50% compared to conventional stick construction. Pre-cut SIP panels arrive to your project site and are easily installed, resulting in quicker construction time and less mistakes. Get framed, insulated, and ready for trades in one step.

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    Reduce Waste

    A life cycle analysis of R-Control SIPs includes all steps of the manufacturing process from raw material extraction, production, and shipment. The major benefit is that the raw materials have low energy requirements to make them. Also, at the project site, up to 60% less framing lumber is wasted.


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    GeoFaze provides a collaborative environment of support and expertise during each step of your project. We’re here to answer your questions and help you resolve challenges. Our library is the only one to have simplified descriptions of every published specification and compliance.

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    Save Energy

    R-Control SIP buildings are over 50% more energy efficient compared to conventional stick framing. This lowers your energy costs and environmental impacts while maintaining a high level of comfort for occupants. Achieving off-grid solutions have never been easier.

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