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The World is Changing. And Some of It for the Better.

The opportunity to radically effect energy savings is upon us.
Building projects go up faster, with tighter tolerances and lower operating costs when innovative builders use Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) from GeoFazeTM. With panel systems from GeoFaze designs are liberated from the constraints of conventional
stick-frame building.

SIPs from GeoFaze are manufactured under a license from
R-Control and meet the highest quality standards. We use state-of-the-art 3D CAD software to cut your panels directly on the most advanced CNC milling machine in the USA. Our panel systems are then trucked to your building site and erected in days versus weeks.

Homes and buildings planned in the U.S. Southwest are a particular strength of the GeoFaze team. In fact, you’ll find that we are familiar with the environmental needs from the Gulf Coast to the Rocky Mountains. And we can ship efficiently from our Texas plant to locations in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and New Mexico.

Custom homeowners and commercial building owners will enjoy the benefits of a SIP building from GeoFaze for generations to come. These benefits include:

  • Greater Energy Efficiency: Our SIPs provide superior insulating characteristics and dramatically reduces air infiltration which can lower energy consumption by 40-60%.
  • Design Flexibility and Strength: Because of their strength and large size, SIPs allow more design possibilities. Additionally SIPs outperform conventional stick-framing methods in both structural testing and real world high-wind and earthquake events.
  • Greener Building Product: SIP components are earth friendly and reduce overall waste during processing and at the construction site. Additionally they contribute significant LEED points to your project.
  • Quicker Construction Time: Since SIPs are manufactured off-site and are delivered pre-cut, labeled and ready for installation, SIPs reduce framing time by over 50% compared to conventional 2”x 6” stick construction.
  • Healthier Environment: SIPs provide a tightly built structure that blocks wind and moisture, and creates a quiet and clean interior space. Improved indoor air quality means less dust and fewer allergens.
If you would like specifications, construction details, or a personal presentation on R-Control SIPs from GeoFaze, just call 830-315-5050 or email at answers@geofaze.com. The world is changing. And some of it for the better.