Gulf Coast Bungalow – Survives Harvey

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SIP Bungalow Survives Harvey!! – “Came through with no problems. No creaking, groaning or problem of any sort. Good job.” – Owner New Gulf Coast Bungalow just north of Rockport for a cotton farmer takes advantage of the simplified details to meet hurricane structural requirements. SIPs are ideal for coastal building and meeting hurricane requirements. SIPs are stronger that traditional stick …

Commercial Roofing Project

geofaze Commercial, GeoFaze, New Construction, Roof Only

SIPs are ideal for large commercial roofing applications. Multiple panels can be assembled on the ground where work is safer and more efficient, and then can be lifted into place quickly. By using 4′ wide panels and 2x or LVL splines our long SIP spans can be increased even more.

SIPs Transform How You Build

geofaze Commercial, GeoFaze, New Construction, SIP Cutting Edge

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University’s School of Architecture + Design is using GeoFaze CNC precision cut panels as the fundamental building blocks of their innovative cartridge design/build process.#SIPcuttingedge Design Director: Joseph Wheeler, AIA – Co-Director – Center for Design Research –

Precision SIPs & Timber Frame Car Barn

geofaze GeoFaze, New Construction, Residential, Timber Frame

A car collector’s paradise in SIPs and timber frames. SIPs and timber frames have gone together since the beginnings of structural insulated panels. GeoFaze SIPs are ideal for spanning between timber frame bents and purlins. This unique structure required the precision that only CAD/CAM design can deliver. GeoFaze and Texas Timber Frame utilize the same CNC cutting machinery. So if …